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claire and mark

Twin Flames are described as a soul that has divided into two identical equal and balancing parts, evolving separately to incarnate over and over, until achieving pure unconditional love. Usually one twin soul stays in spirit to guard and guide the other through each lifetime. Only in their final lifetime on earth, do they both incarnate at the same time and actually meet in real life to be together.

Your-Life-Review Some people like to believe we are only here by chance. We get one life and when we die, we are gone. Thats it. ...more

We-Can-All-Be-Gurus It's possible for every single one of us. Let us explain...

As I emerged from the shattered debris around ...more

Synchronicity Throughout my life, I have experienced many synchronicities with people, but usually only with those that I am very ...more

The-Buffet-Of-Sex A relationship with our partner should be like a buffet. Not a one or two course meal, a take away, or sandwich ...more

The-Dark-Shadow-Feminine Have you ever, or can you imagine coming home from a hard day`s work, to the children you cherish and th ...more

The-Hypocracy-of-Genetics Once upon a time, not too long ago, in a previous life, I was married into a family where every Christm ...more

Discernment We come here. We learn what others think is right and wrong/ good and bad. When we are babies, we are rewarded when w ...more

Reincarnation-And-Is-Life-Just-A-Virtual-Reality Many years ago I used to play computer games. Usually you would have to naviga ...more

Sex-is-not-a-Sin-and-Twin-Flames-Sex So you want to know what it’s really like to have “twin flames sex”? Well we think that’s a ...more

The-Stairs-Of-Darkness Your partner makes a snipe at you. You know they are, and you wonder why? How are you going to respond? T ...more

Transforming-The-Dark-Shadow-Feminine LOVE (or spirit) and Fear (or ego) are opposite energies of one another, which each of us c ...more

Oneness-And-Duality Have you ever stood there wondering what your partner is really thinking? Wondering why you`ve got that feeli ...more

How-I-Attracted-The-One People often ask me how I found my twin Mark, the perfect man for me. Well… after an emotional separation ...more

Duality-and-Oneness The most divine energy flows between us most of the time. It’s like sipping ice cold champagne in a cool runn ...more

Attracting-Our-Soul-Mates-And-Twin-Flame “Some of the universe's first stars might have been born as twins, according to a new ...more

Do-Animals-Have-Souls So do animals have souls? A lot of people seems to think they do, but then the way I see a lot of people ...more

Astrodienst-Seamed-Nylons-and-11-11-How-We-Met The story of how we got together could be enough to write a book about (in fact ...more

Turkeys-Dragons-and-Snakes Isn’t it funny how what you may first think to be a blessing can turn out to be a curse and what you ...more

1--1--3000000 The big deal about Mark and I is that we have created a monster. Yep! The third party in this relationship is t ...more

The-One All my life, I have wondered why my relationships have been such insanely hard yakka. Was it me? Was there something intr ...more

Being-Apart Another airport and Claire and I have had to say goodbye and be parted yet again. I board and sit on the plane. As I ...more

The-Wrap The first day we met was full of spin-outs, for we were already deeply and truly in love, before even casting eyes upon ...more

Crying-Souls This is one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had. At first, we found it hard to believe, but only after experie ...more


Some people like to believe we are only here by chance. We get one life and when we die, we are gone. Thats it. You know the old saying... 'You only live once'. Or so they think. Others believe that when we die, we merely discard our physical body, move to another realm and later return in a new body to live another life, eventually returning many times over and having many lives. That is, we are not our body.

If we are only have one life, well then, when we die there will be nothing and those who thought that won't even know they were right...



It's possible for every single one of us. Let us explain...

As I emerged from the shattered debris around me from my first marriage disintegrating, I began on my spiritual journey inwards. I had always wondered since childhood about why are we here? What are we here for? What is life really about? But Id n...



I think I found my twinflame, the only one thing that does not add up is I knew him for 4 years as a cooworker and never felt anything special about him until he touched me.. one day.
So it was not an instant "wow" like in all of the descriptions on the internet.
We are both happy married with children and do not want to break it even though the magnetic power is unbelievably strong. We work together and see each other for 2 hours a day. I am not sure what I need to do as I lost the interests to my job which I loved. Thanking you in ...


Hi Claire and Mark,
Can it be that he really is my twin flame, even if he doesn't acknowledge it? Or am I only being obsessed? What's your opinion? Is it possible for him not recognizing there's something special? ...