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claire and mark

We are experiencing something we never thought possible: a relationship of pure unconditional love. A connection not only deeper and more intense than any we have experienced before, but deeper than any we have ever heard of. One where we are always in complete balance and agreement with each other. One where we connect on every level, and in every facet. One where we are a natural reflection of each other in every way, so much so, it is like having a perfect twin not only in body, but also in mind and spirit. One where there are no issues or differences, or the need for personal space. One where you just want to be together every minute of every day, literally. One where the sexual intensity is deeply overpowering. It is all too incredible to be a co-incidence, and the only explanation we can find that describes it, is that we could be: Twin Flames.

Twin Flames are described as a soul that has divided into two identical equal and balancing parts, evolving separately to incarnate over and over, until achieving pure unconditional love. Usually one twin soul stays in spirit to guard and guide the other through each lifetime. Only in their final lifetime on earth, do they both incarnate at the same time and actually meet in real life to be together.

We have read a lot about twin flames, all of which seems to describe our experiences exactly, but ours also seems to go beyond what others have written about. Are Twin Flames real ? Who knows ? But the intensity and depth of our relationship, our spiritual connection, our emotional connection, and especially the sexual intensity, seem to be aspects no other twins are writing about or mentioning and so we feel compelled to contribute to the knowledge of this consciousness and share our own experiences with others.

These are our experiences. These are our thoughts. This is our story... Mark and Claire

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No? You don`t think so? Let us explain.

As I emerged from the shattered debris around me from my first marriage disintegrating, I began on my spiritual journey inwards. I had always wondered since childhood about why are we here? What are we here for? What is life really about? But Id never really put any effort into really trying to find out. Having the security of my average suburban married 2.2 life world ripped out from underneath me changed all that overnight.

Shortly after, while walking through a department store one day with my da...



Throughout my life, I have experienced many synchronicities with people, but usually only with those that I am very close to. In the beginning, it was kind of uncanny and I used to put it down to being just a coincidence at the time. Yet I always believed that there was a magical golden chord connecting those...


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I don't know where to begin. I am almost 23, just in two more months, and I have most of the things I want in my life: I'm a holistic health coach, medical assistant, author, photographer, natural healer, and singer. I'm an optimistic person, and I'm easy to get along with for the most part. But I'm also extremely stubborn and emotional. My career path and my general life path are pretty good, but in my love life it is complicated. I've dated a few men, and my recent ex is the first one that I actually fell in love with but I knew for some unkn ...Loni...


greetings! thank you for sharing your experience. one thing i'd like to comment on is your statement:

"We have both been through a lot of deep and very painful relationship breakups, if we had known about twins back then, we each might have thought we had split from our twin at that time too?"

personally i'd have to strongly disagree. being in my 50's i've had a LOT of lovers and relationships, of varying lengths and intensities, but i would never mistake one of those break-ups as a break-up with a twin. never. while they were painfu ...Loni...


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our journey

A castle not far from us. It has an ominous feeling when you go inside. It was built over a 1000 years ago and used as a prison. You can just feel the dark energy from all the many 1000s of prisoners held in its dark cramped damp spaces.

Mark + Claire...


our journey

There are only 2 times a year the public can actually go inside the stones at Stonehenge: on the summer and winter solstices, and then, only for 2 hours. So we just had to go.

We got up in the middle of a cold winters night and set off at 2am. Only a few miles up the road we saw a very strange bright light shoot down from the sky. We put up a report on DUFOG Circular White Light Descending Fast Over Whiddon Down

We eventually got to Stonehenge and it was dark, cold and raining. Right on cue, the rain and the wind stopped at 7am, just as they opened up the site.

It was awesome going into the circles of giant stones. As soon as we walked in Claire got dizzy, you could just feel their energy. We made our way around and felt the stones, as in the centre they performed the winter solstice ritual. It was an amazing feeling.

Mark + Claire